Kazan Kremlin Bike Ride

The Dynamic Duo with their rented bikes and Kazan Kremlin at background

Near our hotel in Bauman Street, there ‘s a city bike station which can be rented. This morning, I and Rafif tried it and had a spin around Kazan Kremlin area.

Row of bikes for rent at Bauman Street

It took us a good half an hour to resolve the payment to use the bike. It only cost 30RUB (circa IDR75k) for a day rent, but we can’t pay in cash. We have to use credit card.

And this was the problem, as apparently some of my credit cards refuse to accept transaction from the payment merchant. Luckily one of my card worked, so then we started our bike ride.

The first destination of our bike ride was the landmark Kul Syarif blue mosque. I noticed there was Kazan city sign on the hill where the beautiful mosque perched. So, of course one shot with the rented bike:

In front of Kazan World Cup city signage and Blue Mosque

Off then we continue our bike ride, mostly passing the route which our friend Ilham showed us yesterday. The Ministry of Agriculture building complex and the promenade were the first ones came to our mind.

My bike. Not too fancy, but does the job 🙂
Cycling around Kazan river promenade
Rafif posed in front of one of Kazan beautiful streets

Going back to our area in Bauman Street we chose to take the tough uphill track but gave us picturesque view from the top.

Climbing to Kazan Kremlin
View after climbing, from the top by the side of Kremlin

Then we continue to roam around Kremlin and took some photos along the way. The street in Kazan is so user friendly they provide bike lane with clear markings.

In front of the Kremlin gate
Wide, friendly bicycle lane in Kazan

Finally we concluded our ride back to Bauman Street area, where our hotel is located. But first, took photo with World Cup mascot. Hope this will bring good luck for my favorite team, England, to win the World Cup. Aamin!!

With Zabivaka, World Cup 2018 mascot, in Bauman Street
Football is coming home! 🙂
In front of our hotel, Hilton Double Tree

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