Taman Sari: Instagrammable Spot

  We had few hours to spend in the city of Jogja while waiting for our late afternoon flight. After many discussion, we picked Taman Sari because of its exotic structure which turned our photos into an instant Instagram material! Here are some of them:

The Wedding Day!

Wedding is one of special day where all of families gathered in joy. It’s no exception for big family of Mintardjo. Contingents from Jakarta, Semarang, Bali and Kuala Lumpur made effort to come to Jogja to wish Ninis for her marriage and Oom Thom for a successful grand wedding party. Insya Allah barokah! Aamiin.

Beskapan! Javanese Costume for Wedding Party

One of the perks for having Javanese traditional wedding party is to don on traditional javanese costume – including this “Beskap” – a royal dress for a javanese party. We had fun even when putting the uniforms on. And it looks good for pictures!

Ninis Siraman Ceremony

It’s always great to see a wedding held in traditional Javanese ceremony. It starts from “Siraman” (taking a bath) which symbolize parents to prepare their daughter stepping into new life: with her own family. Touching, beautiful and grand. Here are some pictures from the event.

Family Weekend in Jogja!

This weekend the big family of Mintardjo is spending time in Jogja, attending our cousin’s wedding. Will be a fully-loaded happy weekend! Yeay!