Pembubaran Panitia Reuni Perak: Job Well Done!

After has been delayed for few times, finally the committee for FE-UGM 92 Silver Reunion gathered again to celebrate our accomplishment. Hosted by Dinda in her new, big and beautiful house, we had a pot luck party with plenty of food served. Anang, the Committee Head, thanked the committee and participants who made the reunion…

Official Video Reuni Perak FE UGM 92 – “Balik Jogja Yuk!”

​​ The official video documenting our Reuni Perak (silver reunion) FE UGM 92, “Balik Jogja Yuk!”.  To commemorate the nice memory we had last month in Jogja. Sorry for the delay, we tried to accomodate many feedbacks, but hope your waiting is worth it! Thanks for the friendship. Kapan reuni lagi? 😉

What left is great memories… (and couple of nice pictures…)

Yes, the big reunion is over. But the great memory lingers. The traffic of our whatsapp group spikes significantly the past two days. Many of our long lost friends reappear. Friendship is rejointed. Feeling is reconnected.  Let us rejoice this moment, when we suddenly live in time capsule where time stands still.  Meanwhile, here are…

Reuni Perak FE UGM 92 Finale: Malam Persahabatan

Held at Plaza FEB UGM, the class of 92 host a lesehan dinner, featuring popular culinary dishes from Jogja, which include sate klathak, soto sawah, bakmi jowo, angkringan, pempek ny. kamto, and many others.  Our evening is also complete, with the special appearance of Pak Eko Suwardi, Dean of FEB UGM, Pak Hani Handoko, Department…

Kuwi Sopo Yo?

Kuwi Sopo Yo? – We’re back to classroom, not to learn about principle of economics or marketing strategy, but to re-learn about (sometimes) our long lost friends and get updated about their current life and families. Facilitated by Pepen, the short session was not only insightful but also entertaining.