Reuni Perak FE UGM 92 Finale: Malam Persahabatan

Held at Plaza FEB UGM, the class of 92 host a lesehan dinner, featuring popular culinary dishes from Jogja, which include sate klathak, soto sawah, bakmi jowo, angkringan, pempek ny. kamto, and many others. 

Aktifis Kampus, Wartawan EQuilibrium and Wisma Bulu occupant 🙂

Our evening is also complete, with the special appearance of Pak Eko Suwardi, Dean of FEB UGM, Pak Hani Handoko, Department of Management’s favorite and legendary professor, and Amirullah, Vice Dean. 

Happy to introduce Aya to Pak Eko Suwardi, Dean FEB UGM and Pak Hani Handoko, my long time mentor and professor

It is a very successful reunion for us, bringing together >100 alumni from Medan to Sydney, renewing our bond of friendship, reminiscing the good old days which are simply unforgettable. Thank you friends. See you again. 

The stage was set around lesehan style
Bakmi Jowo, one of Jogja’s famous culinary also presents
Pak Eko, Dean of FEB UGM, with Pak Hani and Pak Amirullah on stage
Aya tried the angkringan style
Qiu family in one frame
The Qiu Family on our lesehan table
Class of 92 group shot
Pak Hani with some of his Management students he succesfully bullied or influenced 😅
Qiu gank ++

Lip battle competition winners
Sulis and Vini, winners of dress code


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