And The Trophy Goes To….

fifa_world_cup_2006_Banner-RevAfter 25 days of competition, FIFA World Cup 2006 came to an end last night. As we all know, Italy is crowned as four-time champion in a thrilling finale of a prosaic tournament.

In an attempt to summarize this World Cup coverage, I would like to spend time to give some awards to the following players, teams, and moments. Please bear with me:


Most shocking moment:
Zidane head butted Materazzi. The king has dethroned himself. It remains unclear what words Materazzi used to provoke Zidane, but it certainly gave Zidane a tragic ending to an illustrious career.

Most friendly moment:
After years of ‘cold war’ in claiming No.1 jersey, Oliver Khan shook hand, and wished Jens Lehmann the best of luck before penalty shoot-out against Argentina. Lehmann turned out to be victorious in that shoot-out. Barthez would be envy. (“Where is my dear Coupet?”).

kahn and lehmann

Goal of tournament:

Argentina’s goal against Serbia Montenegro by Esteban Cambiasso. 24 passes between the Argentinians, before a clever back heel from Crespo and Cambiasso’s lovely strike finished it. “This goal will feature in every football coaching material all over the world”, said the commentator.

Player of tournament:

Wayne Rooney.


If I were asked to choose, I would pick Fabian Cannavaro (Italy), who had been colossal through out the tournament. Magnificent composure and control in defending. A charismatic captain who is fully deserved to lift the trophy at the end of tournament.

Team of tournament:

Kidding again.

Well, maybe Argentina (for their superb display against Serbia Montenegro). Or, Italy, who saw off their troubles back home, and won the ultimate prize.

Position of tournament: juan_roman_riquelme_2006_06_10 Play Maker. Pirlo, Zidane, Riquelme, at their best, showed how football game should be played. Controlled the rhythm, retained possession, sprayed inspirational pass throghout the field. Joyful to watch.

Most frequent tactics employed:
Diving, we can see them in almost every game. Cristiano Ronaldo will be proud. What a shame.

Most under achiever player:
Frank Lampard. No kidding. Serious. Ronaldinho came close.

Most over-rated team:
England. Period. They deserved it.

That’s all. I believe you may have your own version? So, I’m inviting your comments to conclude this great festive of football. Thanks, and see you in four years time! Well, maybe in two years time. Euro 2008. Here we go England! *tetteeeeppp*

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