Tiger Woods: The Most Defining Athlete in History?

It’s a safe bet to say all of you have heard about Tiger Woods. Since his first appearance in the public, back in 1996 when he first won U.S. Amateur championship, he brought golf to a level of popular sports, just like football and tennis. His charisma and talent draw crowds and admirers from around the world. We can see more and more young kids are going to driving range, just because they (or their father) want them to be the ‘Next Tiger’. He is also one single reason why so much money is poured into professional golf tour nowadays.

And we haven’t talked about his sporting accomplishment yet.

But the question is, where to start?

Tiger has rewritten almost all golf record books. He is the youngest player ever to win a major tournament. He hold record for the longest streak as No. 1 ranked golfer in the world. He joined other golf legends like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer who ever won all major tournaments, so called “grand slam” achievement. And all of these achievements were made before he reach age of 30s, regarded as prime age of a golfer.

But he still has one record to break.

He has now collected 12 majors, still 6 less from Jack Nicklaus total. But Jack won 16 of his majors when he was 30s. Tiger has won 11 before he is 30. Do the math. I can’t say enough how I admire this guy. Not only because he is the greatest golfer on earth, but also he is such a great person. Although he has enormous ‘bragging rights’ he never brag himself up in the public how great he is. He is such devoted philantropist, donating million dollars for his Tiger Woods foundation, mostly helping unfortunate kids for improving their education and welfare. And rarely is Tiger being singled out by his fellow golfers, just because how he respects his fellow professionals, despite his stature in golfers’ elite. The late Earl Woods, father of Tiger, who passed away this year once mentioned, “It is my mission not only to make him a good golfer, but also to make him a great man”. Mission accomplished.
My Other Candidates of Most Defining Athlete in History:Pele (Football): Won 3 world cups with Brazil.

  • Michael Jordan (Basketball): 6 times NBA world champion with Chicago Bulls
  • Michael Schumacher (Formula 1): 7 times world champion, including 5 wins in consecutive years with Ferrari.
  • Who is yours?

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