My New Photo Blog!

K800i I have a new photo blog! Playing around with my wife’s ex cellular phone, the Sony Ericsson K790i, I found there is an interesting feature in this phone. We can immediately post the pictures we snapped using this phone’s camera to the blog. I know this may not be a new thing, as Nokia has done with their N series, working with Flickr. But I’m a late adopter on this.. so…

BloggerlogofullUnlike Nokia though, Sony Ericsson is working with Blogger to provide this feature. Hence I can snap a picture, add few text and comments.. and voila! It’s on the blog for the rest of the world to see.. Enggak penting sih, but it’s fun. And it’s instant and versatile. As what I did during last Lebaran holiday, I can build a trip journal during the way, and instantly posted those pictures and stories to the blog.

Please feel free to have a look at my Snapped Images photo blog (or click the link on the sidebar). It’s updated more frequent than this blog, apparently. 🙂


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