Tracking Your Golf Scores



“Golf is like a love affair. If you don’t take it seriously, it’s not fun. If you take it seriously. It breaks your heart”

If you are serious in golf, I bet you agree with the above quote. You must have experienced the time when sometimes you think you have moved to next level, only to find out in your next round, you are back to square one.

I, for one, take my golf game quite seriously. Having said that, please don’t assume I’m an accomplished golfer, a single handicapper, or a scratch golfer. Far from it. But at least, I keep monitoring my golf game, finding my weak spots, and trying to improve on them.

Finding our weaknesses in life is sometimes difficult. You need to have a true friend, or a personality indicator test, or a coach to face you with the reality. In golf, however, if we keep tab on our scores, your golf statistics can be your true friend for this particular objective.

Thanks for the marvel of technology, there are plenty of ways to keep your golf stats updated. One that I have been using for 4 years is a Palm OS application called as Intelligolf. This application runs on any PDA or smartphone OS (Winmob, Symbian, Blackberry), so you can always bring it with your PDA or phone to your golf round, and enter your stats immediately.


Intelligolf does not only let you record your scores (golf strokes and putts), but also some other vital statistics such as Green in Regulations (GIR) percentage, fairway hit percentage, sand saves, and your handicap. You can also put some notes on each hole on a golf course. So on a Par 3 hole you may add note like “Blue flag, against wind: 6 Iron“. In short, as long as you bother to record every shot and every facet of details in your golf round, you will have plenty of information to work with. I’m not that serious though, but with me keeping my golf scores, putts, fairway hits and GIRs, I can already identify where I need to work on my game.

For example, looking at my current stat where I have fairway hits percentage 53% but only 24% GIR, tell me that I need to hone mroe on my approach shots. And furthermore, by looking how the GIR percentage is very much close to my Par percentage , I know that if I improve my approach shots, I can get more Pars, and will get my handicap down.

To enable you to scrutinize such data more closely, Intelligolf also let you to synchronize the data with its desktop application in your computer. You can produce different types of charts on selected golf stats you want to see. If you also help your friends to keep their scores, you can also monitor his game, and calculate his handicap.

I bought the software over the internet, and highly recommend it for you who are serious in your golf game and enjoy statistics like me. Drop me an email if you would like to know more about this software and would like to give it a try. Happy golfing!

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  1. Colin Heyes says:

    Would like some detailed info please

  2. ibenimages says:

    Hi Colin. What other info do you need? Please drop your email address so we can have more discussion. Thanks!

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