5 Reasons Why You Need to Hear Guns N’ Roses Album “Chinese Democracy”

GN'R Chinese Democracy
GN'R Chinese Democracy
  1. You can still hear it as GN’R. Yes, it’s only Axl from the five original members of the group who is featured in this album. But most of the times, when the vocals don’t change, you still hear it as the same old group. That’s why John Corabi never succeeded to be Motley Crue vocalist. That explains the failure of Gary Cherone in Van Halen s well. In this record, you will still hear Axl Rose, alive and kickin.
  2. Great songs. And lots of variety too. But if you still cling to the golden era of “Appetite for Destruction”, and expect to hear the same, then get a life. This one is not for you. Because in this record, Axl reminds me of Mike Patton (Faith No More) who explores uncharted territories, mixes genres of rock and produces unique sounds with help from orchestra, Dr.ProTools and digital material. You can still find the old GN’R flavour such as in “I.R.S” or “Chinese Democracy” but you will find a lot of Nu Metal flavour (Korn and Nine Inch Nail esque) as well here. Check “Shackler’s Revenge”, which is suprisingly to myself, grows on me, and I’m in the end love it.
  3. Buckethead. Slash is gone. Accept it. But most of the songs in the record feature Buckethead, an extravagant guitarist who once was Paul Gilbert understudy. His clean picking and authentic solo are just exciting to hear. And this album contains lot of shredding and soloing from this guy. Sorry Slash, I don’t miss you in this record.
  4. Experience the History. It is the most expensive record ever made. Rumoured to be produced at $13 million for the space of 15 years, involving 40 musicians in the process. You may think this is enough reason to check this one out.
  5. Help to convince the mega label to produce more albums from these guys. If this one sells well, following the recent success of Metallica’s Death Magnetic and Motley Crue’s Saint of Los Angeles, you may see more and more albums from our old school rock hero next year.

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