My Golf Game: Year 2013 Review

Me and My Golf Buddies in 2013 golf rounds
Me and My Golf Buddies in 2013 golf rounds

Following last year’s post on the very same subject, here I look back on my golf game in year 2013.

In general, I played a bit better golf than I did last year. Which is good, as at least I still improved. However one thing that I could not repeat from 2012 was to play a round in 70s. Which was a pity. I was close to repeat on few rounds in 2013, but in the end a bit mistakes or missed putts here and there cost me the record.

Anyway, here are the full review. Again thanks to the excellent Golfshot app from Shotzoom, these stats are easily downloaded from my iPhone:

1. My Golf Stats

  • I played 34 rounds this year, which was 11 rounds less than 2012. Not good :). Well, as I started to take my Masters degree this year, some of the weekends were dedicated to campus work. So…
  • The average score I had this year is +14.7. This is slightly improved from last year, which is +16. This consists of 3% birdies, 34% parts, 46% bogies and 18% double bogies or worse. I managed to reduce those double bogies score from 24% last year, and made more pars this year.
2013 Golf Scores Breakdown
2013 Golf Scores Breakdown
  • My handicap index is down slightly from 9.8 to 9.1, according to GolfShot calculation, using USGA handicap rule. This reflects the slight improvement I made this year.

  • I basically maintained my fairway hits stats, improving only by fractions, 69.8% compared to 69.5% in 2012. What is alarming though, is my tendency to slice my tee shots became greater this year, with 18% of my tee shots flew to the right side of fairway. And it’s becoming more frequent in the last few rounds. Time for new driver? LOL.
Driving Accuracy Stats
Driving Accuracy Stats
  • Greens in Regulation (GIRs) is exactly the same as in 2012. Only 33.3%. To lower my handicap, I need to hone my approach shots so I’ll get more GIRs, and hopefully, more Pars or better.
Greens in Regulation Stats
Greens in Regulation Stats
  • But more GIRs won’t be too meaningful if I can’t convert those par or birdie putts! Putting has been my area of weakness in 2012, and it seems to continue in 2013, albeit there was also an encouraging improvement. I managed to reduce my total putts per hole from 1.92 putts in 2012 to 1.89 putts. However, when I had GIRs, I putted slightly worse than last year, 2.15 putts compared to 2.12 in 2012. Practice your putts, you must *YodaSpeak*
Putting Stats
Putting Stats

2. New Equipments

  • Surprisingly, I only changed 1 equipment this year. It was 54 degree Epon wedge to replace my Titleist Vokey wedge, which I have  used for 8 years and exhausted its grid. Well, after huge equipment change last year, I don’t see there’s any need to change though. Maybe a new driver this year 🙂

3. Other Highlights

  • I did continue my tradition of winning trophies in my office tournament. This year I recently added a Best Nett prize during our closing tournament in Nirwana Golf Course Bali. Not bad.
My Latest Golf Trophy
My Latest Golf Trophy from Office Tournament
  • Of course, one of the highlight for my golf life this year was when I got the chance to visit St. Andrews Old Course, the home of golf! During my family UK vacation, I managed to sneak one day schedule to come to St. Andrews, 1 hour drive from Edinburgh, one of the city we visited. Although I wasn’t playing, but just to witness and see around the historical golf course, already had me a goosebumps. Hopefully I will visit this place again one day, with my golf clubs!
Me at St. Andrews Old Course. At the background is the famous Swilcan bridge and historical Old Course hotel in 17th Road Hole.
Me at St. Andrews Old Course. At the background is the famous Swilcan bridge and historical Old Course hotel in 17th Road Hole.

So that’s my Golf Game Year 2013 review. I hope I can write another review by 1 January 2015, with higher GIRs, better putts, and more rounds in 70s! Amen. Happy new year!

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