The Street Workers of Mong Kok

The Bustling Street of Mong Kok

I came to Hong Kong this week for my bank’s annual HR conference in our headquarter. After 3 days of tiring meeting, finally came the last night I stayed in HK before heading back to Jakarta tomorrow morning.

Stayed in a hotel around Mong Kok, I used this opportunity to have a bit of walk in a chilling and bustling Friday night of the popular shopping area. The place was jammed-packed with tourists, mainly came from mainland of China who busy shopping plenty of stuffs.

Obviously, I was not as interested as these Chinese tourists to the shopping paradise of Mong Kok. I was more fascinated to the busy, vibrant and colorful night life of Mong Kok. The neon signs and people became my point of interests.

Hence, geared with my Fuji XE2 and its 35mm/1.4 lens, I began my “photo hunting”. There would be limitless objects in area as busy and as vibrant as Mong Kok. However I remember one lesson learnt from a photography class I attended: the need to limit the theme and object we try to capture.

One of the objects I found very interesting in Mong Kok are the street workers. I found them in various profession, from policemen to fortune teller. From young immigrant to old blind man. They lend their charm to an already fascinating area. So here they are, ladies and gentlemen.. the street workers of Mong Kok…

Pamphlet Distributor - used to rejection
Policeman - taking care of the streets
Old and Blind Singer - singing passionately

Covenient Store Keeper - chatting with his friend
Trash Lady - She's still smiling!
Food Stall Seller - busy serving her clients
Signboard Bearer - glued to his smartphone
Fortune Teller - trusted advisor. The lady on the left is waiting for her turn, while curiously listening
Another Fortune Teller - this man tells your fortune with the help of her birds!

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