Rafif Speech Contest

Rafif is delivering his speech

It takes big courage for Rafif to participate in Speech Contest organized by his school in Ciputra Mall Cibubur. Speaking in front of public in structured manner is not his forte, but when his english teacher asked for volunteer, he signed up.

Which is something that we should celebrate. In the end, he did not win. But undoubtly he gained very valuable experience in preparing his speech, practising the flow, and handling his nervousness to finally deliver his speech quite well. Well done, son! We’re proud of you.

Writing his “cheat sheet”
Practising with his biggest supporter – his mom

The Cikal Year 7 Boys Speech Contestant
Battling nervousness with Mr. Hasto and Ammar
The Stage
Practising the Speech, Again.
Last final preparation while waiting his turn…
The boys and Mr. Corey showing their certificates. Well done, boys!

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      Thanks a lot. Appreciate.

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