Starbucks: A Cup of Lifestyle

When Starbucks first came to Indonesia, many people, including myself, doubted how they could sell a cup of coffee at price of IDR 27,000, while the average price for coffee at other cafes that time was only IDR15,000.

But then we all learned that it was not only coffee that Starbucks offered. It’s about cozy and convenient meeting place, it’s about your daily ritual, it’s about life style. And for Indonesians, that means a lot. Hence, Starbucks flourished its reach to many big cities in Indonesia.

And tonight is an example: after an excellent dinner in Ulam Restaurant Benoa, somehow we have this cravings for having our coffee fix in Starbucks. And only now I realized it’s already IDR 40,000 for a tall size drink here.

But never mind, it’s all about life style eh? Good coffee, nice place, great companion. I’m sold. 

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