The Judgement Day: Finally, Completed My Study!

The proud team after successful exam

Finally, after 2+ years of study, I finally completed my Master degree in Prasetiya Mulya Business School, having successfully passed my final exam yesterday. It feels really special for me, remembering how hard at times juggling between my study and work priorities. Not to mention as well, my last year’s absence due to my ilness, which made me wondering that time, whether I could finish the study, really. So having completed the study, and passed the exam in “highly satisfactory” is a real bless from Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Here are the pictures of me and my business plan team during the ‘judgement day, capped off with our dinner celebration of a successful team effort. Congrats all!


Preparing for potential questions, shortly before lunch time in Citos


The Business Plan. More than a year work! (it’s interesting, both my undergraduate and masters degree thesis are about ‘Outsourcing’)

Rehearsing for presentation


Took my time to rehearse my pitch


Felt confident and relax for presentation, after the rehearsal


Two of the three examiners: Mr. Lukas Setiatmaja, Ph.D, and guest examiner Mr. Suryantoro Waluyo, SH, MPH, Country Head of HR, Standard Chartered Bank


Taking pictures while waiting turn for individual exam, with my team mate, Sulthon



My team mate, Satriana, Sulthon, Aries and Eddy, waiting for their ‘judgement day’


Thumbs up! Took picture together with the Examiners after successful exam


Toast! Here for even brighter future. With my team on our celebratory dinner



The happy faces of the graduates. Thank you for the teamwork!


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