SM Town: K-Pop Fans  Dreamland

Aya in front of SM Town Entrance

You can’t help but to admire Korea music industry genius mind for this K-Pop revolution. They created this culture and successfully made it as country’s pride and new identity, and make it a big business at the same time.

This place is full of SM Town’s (that’s one K-Pop artist management group BTW) artists property), from cafe, studio to souvenir shops. This is really a ‘dream land’ for fans of EXO, Girl Generation like my daughter.

Take a look at EXO shirts
SUM Pop-up Cafe, a K-Pop theme cafe

A dream table for somebody who is a fan for whoever artists signing this table 🙂
An EXO label coffee cup
Full of great souvenirs of SM Town Artists
Really a dreamland for SM Town fans!

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