BER Golf Club Tournament at Bali National GC


Some of BER Golf Club Participants before teeing off in Hole 1

Finally the tournament day is here. We hold this year’s tournament at Bali National Golf Course in Nusa Dua. I played here before more than 10 years ago when the golf course had not been renovated. It now has more pristine fairways and greens, while still maintain most of the design from the old course. The management bumps the price, but I find it reasonably justified. It lacks the beauty and unique landscape as in the majestic Nirwana GC, but you can’t beat the convenience of its location right in the centre of Nusa Dua, the upscale beach front of Bali.


BER CEO, Tony Turner, played the inaugural tee shot at Hole 1


Edy with his powerful drive in Hole 10

The Tee Marker

Although it’s a hot and humid day like yesterday, but I found my energy cope with the challenge much better today. I’m not sure if it’s because I had enough rest from last night, or I played relatively better. It’s probably both 🙂

Indeed, I played much better. Although started with back to back double bogeys, I stayed focused to the game, and kept on grinding. Finally pars and a birdie came along the way. Even though I actually had no total confidence on my swing. My tee offs were inconsistent, and made few mistakes with my iron and wedge shots like a 28 handicapper! But somehow I managed to play +1 of my handicap. And could’ve been better actually, if I didn’t make triple bogey at the very last hole! Left a sour taste in the end.


Took a picture in front of the banner before the tournament started

But in the end, luckily, I was one of the few who played at handicap, and got third best net prize. Easily could’ve been better, but hey, at least I didn’t come home empty handed. In matter of fact, with fuller wallet as well, as I won big on the wager within my foursome. Ha!


The Island Hole 17th. Clearly inspired by TPC Sawgrass famous hole. Luckily my tee shot landed safely, and I made par 🙂


Much better fairways and greens conditions now, after 2 years renovation


From Island Hole looking over the Hole 17 Tee Box


The Winners with BER CEO and BER Golf Club President at the Awarding Ceremony


Thanks for the great fun everybody!


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