HSBC-BER Family Day in Dufan


Sumit Dutta, CEO HSBC Indonesia, and Tony Turner, CEO BER addressed the staff and their families before the event started

The final event of the employee activities series for HSBC Indonesia and BER was held in Dunia Fantasi today. Close to 7000 staff and their families enjoyed the day out in the famous theme park, which was opened exclusively for HSBC-BER from 8am. Here are some pictures from the event:

Tony greeted one of the staff at the front gate


My family with Tony before the gate is opened

Rafif was among the many who enjoyed the thrill in Tornado


While Elok and Aya preferred to sit calm and relax at the park 🙂


Ex HR ABN AMRO-RBS who are now working for HSBC Group finally got their chance to spend the day in Dufan! LOL


Taking pictures of the families who ride Tornado


Thanks to exclusive hours for our group, queueing for attractions was relatively short, but not for queueing for food. One could queue for 1 hour here. Sigh


Rafif took the challenge from me to ride all the most-thrilling rides in Dufan: Halilintar, Tornado, Power Surge and Hysteria. He completed it!


Elok and I in front of Dufan signage before leaving the park. This place is quite memorable for us, and Alhamdulillah we can come back here with our grown up kids!


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