Train Pre-Departure


The signage of our train

Too bad, Elok is not feeling well today, so I have to stay with her at the hotel. So the only objects I can take for pictures today at Cirebon are these train pre-departure activities.

During my short photo hunting session, I observed that since PT Kereta Api (it is the name of Indonesian state-owned train operator) underwent its turnaround and revolution led by Mr. Jonan few of years ago, the station and the train operation are now much more different, more professionally managed, making it as viable and comfortable transportation for people of Indonesia. Great job Kereta Api!

Cleaning Tools to keep our train clean and tidy


The motorhouse – the locomotive

The train operator is waiting for departure time


After performing final inspection, minutes before leaving Cirebon Station


The Ground Staff greet you in front of train doors


The Ticket Master have a chat with Security Guards before duty


Clean water is refilled onto train’s container


The door of train’s car


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