Tasting the Hype: Bebek Sinjay

The famous fried duck “Bebek Sinjay”
Originally founded as casual restaurant supporting the automotive workshop owned by her husband, “Bebek Sinjay” gained popularity in Madura and finally become the success story of the family. The name itself “Sinjay” was originated from “Sinar Jaya”, the name of now defunc automotive workshop ☺️.

It is now the main culinary destination in Bangkalan, Madura.  

Guests have to queue in this line first to put their order
In peak hours, guests can queue for quite some time, as it is very popular. 

Well, Although it’s a mainstream destination, at least I prove the hype is right: Bebek Sinjay is delicious!  

The restaurant hall, has grown bigger rapidly in past few years

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