Jatibarang Dam and Gua Kreo

Taking picture in the bridge crossing the dam

Suggested by our driver, we decided to “go local” today, visiting a relatively new public attraction of “Bendungan Jatibarang” (Jatibarang Dam), which was opened about a year ago, next to the already famous “Gua Kreo” (Kreo Cave). 

Nice view of the dam and the bridge from the lookout

As it is still holiday season after Eid, the place was crowded, full of local tourists. The view of the dam and the bridge is actually nice. You can take a speed boat ride around the lake/dam. And the monkeys at Gua Kreo are amusing and fun. Especially if you bring food for them (try to bring banana, than peanuts. As these fellows are smart, they’re after the more expensive ones. LOL)

One of the smart monkeys

So, all in all, it’s not a bad place to visit, especially for the first time. But I would suggest to visit not in peak season like this. With much lesser visitors, this could be a nice place to relax and have fun with those monkeys!

Feeding the monkeys. Look at those crowd!
Bendungan Jatibarang, which was just operated a year ago

Make no mistake, this is not Danau Toba! 🙂

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