Absolutely Magnificent Titlis!

When I booked the tour, I was a bit hesitant to pick Titlis over other tour destinations in Zurich, as it is a “too mainstream” of tourist destination.

It still is.  But apparently there is a strong reason why millions of tourists coming to this place every year: the view from the top is absolutely stunning. Magnificent. You kind of feel climbing the Alps Mountain but with much much less effort. In fact it was probably no effort at all, as you took cable car ride which offer you spectacular view from Engelberg to the top. 

Our family picture at the top of Mount Titlis
The world’s only rotating cable car which take us to the top

And we must have our couple picture
Elok and Aya in front of the Titlis 5th floor Camp
Another family picture won’t harm
Elok got mountain sickness, so only three of us on the very top spot
Next time we should have more time to do ice skating here
My babies on top of the Titlis

Through the cable car ride
In the cable car

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