Bombardier to Paris

We took different mode of transport now from Zurich to Paris. Have travelled mostly with train, and also with van, this time we took airplane for short 1.5 hours flight. Before we boarded to the plane, I was actually wondering one type of airplane parked in one of the gates. And as airplane geek myself, how happy I was to find out that it was actually Bombardier C Series – one type of airplane I had not flown with. It was smaller than 737, but it is probably more modern. One unique feature of this airplane is the unsymmetrical seat arrangement. Divided by an aisle, it’s 2 and 3 seats on each side (see picture above).

On the flight itself, it was very smooth flight, as we had no clouds in our cruising altitude. But when we landed in Paris, then we only knew, it was snow rain in Charles de Gaulle Airport, one that forced our flight to be delayed for 30 minutes!


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