Sunset by the Deck (and Thousands of Bats!)

Lazily waiting for sunset with coffee on our hands
One of the perks of spending nights on boat is you can enjoy waiting for sunset by the deck. Accompanied by fried banana and Flores coffee, and surrounded by your loved ones, life can hardly be better.

Aya and Elok enjoy their coffee by the deck
Aya waiting for sunset with her phone
Clock does feel like slowing down here. And while we’re waiting for sunset, we saw one of the most amazing view we’ve ever seen: thousands of bats flying on the top of our boat, right after the sun is set. Amazing! Indonesia is really amazing! This experience can easily be marketed as world class tourist destination, as in Penguin watching in Phillips Island, Australia. Simply breathtaking. What a day we had here. 

Lazy time at the boat
Mesmerized by thousands of bats!
Thousands of bats flying to look for food out of the island


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