The Family ‘Tradition’ Continues in Third Generation

After her grandfather and father, Insya Allah Aya will be the next Gadjah Mada University graduate, having been accepted in Accounting, International Undergraduate Program, at Faculty of Economics and Business. 

So proud of my baby, her months of preparation have finally taken her to the place she deserves. Our prayers have been answered in the best option possible, one we have envisioned for long. Alhamdulillah!


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  1. Congratulations Again, well deserved!

    1. ibenimages says:

      Matur nuwun nggih Pakde Oyi… doakan agar Aya bisa betah dan sukses di sana

  2. Congratulations Aya, well deserved!

  3. Shanti Doede says:

    Pak iben kalo kelas intl itu dual degree yaa? Intl class nya di Uni mana?

    1. ibenimages says:

      Iya Shanti. Pilihannya ada beberapa, kalau Aya mungkin kalau nggak University of Melbourne, mungkin ke Belanda, either Rotterdam School of Business atau Erasmus Huis. Yg lain ada Uni Wellington, NZ, dan a business school in France

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