Not a Goodbye, but See You Around Tony!

After 6 years working together, this month will be the last month I’ll be working together with my boss, my friend, Tony, who I can always depend for his calm, composed view even in time of crisis. 

I will miss the afternoon time when we sat down together and discussed about various people issues in our bank, threw banter of our football clubs (Man United vs West Ham… no contest really 😄), and not to mention the hot cappuccino we sip during such enjoyful afternoon. 

So while we have this event to say thank you to him among his friends from his circle, BER (great to see many familiar faces!) and HSBC,  it’s not farewell, at least yet. And as he will stay with us as our bank’s commissioner, it’s not even a goodbye. So see you around Tony! It’s been a great ride!


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