Nice Weekend in Jogja

Enjoy delicious Pempek Ny Kamto with the owners, Rose and Imam

Such a nice weekend in Jogja. After that satisfying concert experience of DreamTheater, spent quality time with the whole family. It’s always great to go around just four of us. Especially this was the first time we experienced Aya driving us around in Jogja with her city car. I managed to meet as well with two of my friends who ran successful business in Jogja.

Shopping at Batik Raisa, owned by Juanda

Oh and by the way, since tomorrow is Mbak Aya’s 18 birthday, so I bought her an early birthday present: a new iPhone! Enjoy Mbak Aya! Good luck with your exam tomorrow! Make us proud as you always do!

Enjoy the early birthday present! While Rafif was busy doodling on iPad on display:)

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