Spending A Day in Luzern

Ray of lights illuminated us in one of Luzern’s traffic junction
The last time we visited Luzern in December last year, it was only short visit, and unfortunately thick fog clouded Luzern which set the mood gloom, and made our opportunity to experience Luzern very limited. So I vowed myself back then to return to this beautifull town.

And Alhamdulillah, here we are, in much better weather, and longer time to roam and explore. Here are some pictures we took:

Luzern famous chapel. I can capture in much colorful tone this time around
Sea gulls flying in Luzern lake
Selfie using wide lens in front of chapel
Elok in Luzern chapel bridge
Luzern sign and lake side which full of visitors on Sunday
Elok and her mom in Luzern chapel bridge

Famous Luzern view
Luzern lake and church at the distance


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