Bakmi Ayam Alok

A bowl of delicious Bakmi Alok and sweetened ice tea. Nice brunch today.
Tempted by the look of this Mie Ayam over my friend’s Instagram, I googled this chicken noodle stall. Located near Grenvil, West Jakarta, I’m happy to find articles over internet which list this place as “one of the best ‘Halal’ chicken noodle in Jakarta”. Yeay! Off we go!

With help of Waze to find this place (I’m not familiar with West Jakarta region), we arrived around 10.30, and the place was packed. But we still managed to get seats. Probably it would be different case if we arrived a bit earlier, as many people chose to have their breakfast here.

The parking space was a bit tricky, as it was off the street and there were so many visitors. Thanks to Pak Tukang Parkir who helped us to find space not too far from the restaurant.

Off-the-street parking at Bakmi Alok

We ordered Mie Ayam for each of us. Not so long after it was served in its brand-printed Bakmi Alok bowl. One thing I immediately noticed was the cut of chicken which was big, meaty like the ones at nasi hainam dishes. It’s different to the usual Mie Ayam at the other place which has smaller cut, and sometimes sweetened with soy sauce.

The noodle itself is quite thick in size. It’s clearly a home-made noodle, which is good. The noodle and soup that came with it was tasty yet less salty to my liking. But it’s no problem, a bit of “kecap asin” and chilli sauce, I had a bow of delicious noodle to be had. 

And indeed it was delicious. With the main feature of tasty big, meaty chicken slices (I even saw some people ordered extra dish of chicken), Bakmi Alok lived up to its name. It’s certainly one of the must-try chicken noodle in Jakarta! Try yourself!

There are many other restaurants near Bakmi Alok. But the road was packed with mostly Bakmi Alok visitors
Elok and Mbak Aya
Me and Rafif


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