Refuel at Fuel

We’re back to our usual “Mager Tourist” mode. It’s our term for slow travel. We have no real agenda, but enjoy the time passes by sitting and sipping cup of coffee and relax.

After two days of full day agenda, roaming around HK city and Disneyland, we think our legs deserve a break. And as we haven’t had our proper daily dose of coffee, we need for refuel.

This morning we try Fuel Espresso. A dedicated, quite-upscale coffee place at IFC One Mall in HK. It seems to be quite popular place for coffee connoisseurs in HK.

I ordered Cappuccino, which came with meticulously prepared cup. They spilled a bit on Elok’s cup, and replaced (or fixed) it with a new cup.

The coffee tasted a bit dark and strong. But it went well with the chocolate brownies which we also ordered. However, nothing too special to make it distinctive to other coffee place.


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