IPhone X First Impression: So Far So Good

I had few reservations to buy iPhone X before, mostly because of its form factor and the loss of Home Button.

The form factor is because when I saw iPhone X for very first time in flesh, it was the white model. Honestly, the side chrome body of this model looks cheap. It lacks the feel of premium shown by Samsung flagship phone S8, or even iPhone 8.

But yesterday when I saw the space gray model, I just realized it doesn’t have this chrome side body. It is gray/black all the way to the glass back and look fantastic. This was one of the reason that made me immediately decide to buy one. I’m really into aesthetics when it comes to stuffs. Yea, I’m that kind of guy.

To protect my investment, I chose the Product Red leather case. One of many leather case options offered by my Apple store officer. It looks great, holds well, and it’s red, like Manchester United. LOL

Ok, enough of the aesthetics or form. How does it work?

I only use it for one day, and so far.. so good. Here is my first hands-on experience:

  • The OLED screen is just gorgeous. Instantly my iPhone 6 screen looks muddy.
  • The top to bottom screen is really pleasant to use. I immediately have big screen, without needing to change to the gargantuan size of iPhone plus (which is hard to hold). This makes the size of the phone is just perfect.
  • I love the Face ID! It’s very easy to set up, yet very reliable and accurate to be used. It’s always work seamlessly so far, and very quick to recognize my face and unlock the phone.
  • Apparently I don’t miss the Home Button at all! The swipe gesture comes very naturally. In minutes I already used to this new way.
  • Notch? What’s notch? 😀
  • Thanks to the iCloud, setting up the new iPhone is pain-free, you immediately got all of your settings and apps from your old phone. Just make sure you have strong wifi connection while setting up.
  • Performance with the new processor feel zippy and lightning fast. But I know, it’s a new phone, and normally that what happens. I need to see in few months time how it would handle all the pressure and file sizes I put into this phone.

So that’s my initial experience with iPhone X. It’a so far so good. Is it expensive? Yes it is. But if we realize that smartphone is the mostly used stuff you would spend your money for, I think it is worth it. I’m a happy customer (so far) ☺️👍


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