Pantjoran Tea House: A Nice Piece of Heritage

When we had our first ride to Kota Tua, I spotted this place. Located across Glodok electronic centre, it sits in triangle intersection of Jalan Pancoran and Jalan Pintu Besar Selatan. It looks unique, with architecture and layout lent from Batavia old town chinese house.

We stopped by this place for breakfast during our CFD ride. The tea house doesn’t have parking spot for cars, but for bicycle riders they reserves three lanes of bicycle parking slots, which is very convenient for CFD riders like us.

Watching the profile video inside the tea house, we learned that it was originally a drug store named “Apotheek Chung Hwa”. The two-storey building was then renovated under a government’s program that seeks to revitalise the Old Town. The owner than turned this place to tea house serving premium teas

I’m not a tea lover, so I didn’t ask for any specific tea for my order. My breakfast set already include hot tea along the chicken noodle. That’s good enough for me.

And thankfully, the breakfast set is very good. The chicken noodle tastes very delicious and the hot tea really bring a soothing feeling when you sip it. They left the tea leaves in the bowl, but that just added the charm of the premium tea.

The places decor show careful attention of this place and its heritage. They even serve free tea for passing by visitors, which is a local tradition called “Patekoan”. What a great gesture.

In the end, it’s a satisfying visit to a piece of heritage in Jakarta. Hope this tea house will be visited by many visitors like us, as a nice place like this deserves to be around for years to come! Come pay a visit!


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