Birthday Golf Round

One day, I half-complained to my wife, “why you never support my hobby, like buying me golf clubs, like some of my friends’ wives?”

Guess what, she listened to my plea. She bought me a weekend trip to Bali, which include a round in Bali National Golf. Haha, thanks a lot darling! 😘😘

My wife’s birthday golf invitation

So this morning, one day before my birthday, I played a round in the lush golf course of Nusa Dua. As it is a long weekend, the course was quite full. So the club paired me with Japanese couple, which I had no problem whatsoever, as they were very nice.

We started badly, having difficulties in adjusting to the fast and undulating greens of the course. It runs on 10 stimpmeter, which was amazingly fast by our standard (can’t you imagine how fast is Augusta greens?)

Hitting my hybrid shot

But then I composed myself and slowly regained my form. Although my round was marred by too many 3-putts than I would’ve liked, but in the end I managed to post a quite good round. It would have been fitting to post a round with my birth year (73), but that was asking too much. So I‘m happy with 10 strokes above that, especially by the way I closed the round with nice par at the final hole. A very satisfying finish. Happy birthday, old man!

I’m at Hole 5
Kissing my trusted 7 iron which get me out from fairway bunker with excellent shot, on route to Par. Which started my three-pars-in-the-row finish. Yeay!

Hey you! Happy birthday old man!

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