Night Golf Promo at Senayan National

When I first heard that Senayan National Golf would be opening night golf session, I was immediately interested to try. The idea of playing golf after working hours, and not in precious, and often-disputed weekend time is definitely a good one.

Especially they announced of the promo rate for the first month of operation. IDR600k for 18 holes with cart for weekdays sounds like good value.

So here we go, last night, along with my two ex office mates, Richard and Edy, we tried our first night golf in Senayan National.

It’s not my first golf by the way, I tried the first one back in Dubai, 3 years ago. One thing I learned from that experience was: be prepared to lose many balls. Because no matter how many lights they install at golf course, you won’t beat golf in daylight. There will be many corners of the course which are not sufficiently lit, hence you would have trouble finding your balls.

Especially if you don’t hit it straight. Well, like us.

For the first hole alone, our first tee shot sprayed to the left and right of the course. Before starting the round, the caddies already reminded us, “banyak banyak ikhlas ya Pak”. LOL. And that’s what happened. Let’s forget those balls, and move on.

Apparently, one other thing I learned about night golf this time around: our stamina is different to our usual morning tee off. Besides we’re relatively tired after 9 hours of work, our biological clock is not the same as in the morning. Thankfully the course provided all the night golfers with golf carts, hence we can save for energy from walking. You guys must be thinking we’re spoilt athletes. Haha, yes we are.

Senayan National Golf Course is not known as long course. It has Par 69, hence many of them are Par 3s. This, actually an ideal setup for night golf in my opinion. There’s relatively less chance for you to lose ball due to your wayward drives. And green area are the ones which are mostly well-lit. So most of the time you can find your golf balls, although you might miss the green.

Started at 7 pm as per my booked tee off time, we finally finished the round at 10.30 pm. A relatively quick, especially if you compare with the usual time we took in the morning. Last night there were not many people playing. We didn’t have time to wait at all, as no groups playing in front of us.

Although it’s night, don’t expect cold weather. Jakarta is always humid, so expect a bit of sweating while you’re playing. I also recommend you to wear long trunks, as in the night the mosquitos are flying for fun. Save your beauty legs from their bites. Or if you can’t stand wearing long trouser, use mosquito repellent.

All in all, it was quite satisfying evening. Yes, I didn’t play well, far from it. But I found this could be a very good alternative for office slaves like us, when we’re itching for golf, but have difficulties finding times playing on weekend. With the non-promo green fee of IDR850k for weeknights (except Friday evening), it will be less attractive, but as long as the management can keep the good pace of play, you might find me playing night golf couple of rounds in a year. Anyone would like to join me?


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