ArtJog 2018

Arrived in Jogja for a wedding event, we first visited ArtJog, an annual art exhibition in Jogja, showcasing contemporary arts and artists. Supported by Djarum Foundation, the exhibition displays many interesting creative arts, some with very deep and provoking message.

Unfortunately, many of the visitors are amateur Instagram artists, who are interested more to take selfies with in the galleries, than to observe and read the art pieces’ description 😑

But that doesn’t take away the delight of looking at the arts – all are professionally arranged and displayed, with interesting descriptions of the message the artist would like to portray.

This one is particularly engaging, titled as “Pernyataan Tak Tertulis” by Bandu Darmawan. It’s a combination of light-projected video and shadow play, inviting visitors to take pictures with it.

The one below is also interesting, remind me of Wes Anderson’s movie. It’s a series of paintings by Malcolm Smith, a foreign artis who spent many years living in “Perumahan” (I assume it’s Perumnas) Jogja. Titled as “Dream of Equality”, he drew different facades of his neighborhood which has changed a lot throughout the years, albeit started with common standard types 30-40 years ago.

In the end, it was a very inspiring and enlightening visit to one of the best art exhibition in the country. The one where you can find household names like Eko Nugroho, Agan Harahap with not-so-renowned-but-equally-talented artists from Indonesia and abroad. It’s really worth to visit, although if you want to catch it, you only have tomorrow and the day after. ArtJog will conclude by 4 June 2018, and will only be back in July 2019. Go!

Agan Harahap’s hilarious photoshop art – “Memory of Childhood” – Here are Kurt Cobain and Kanye West. LOL

You don’t have to look twice to know it’s Eko Nugroho famous colorful arts:

And of course pictures of my two lovely girls:


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