Gowes Pilkada

Taking advantage of national public holiday because of Pilkada (regional election), I and Rafif joined some of my office colleagues rode to GBK complex.

While we were in the inner stadium ring, I flew my Pelican for an aerial photography. Alas, the security guard asked me to put it down, as it is now prohibited.

Well, I managed to capture a short video and snapshot of mine before I landed my Pelican.

Quite many runners and cyclists had the same idea with us, did some exercise around the renovated GBK complex. And of course, the mandatory group photo shot ☺️

Shortly after 9am, we moved to FX mall, for a nice breakfast and coffee at Coffee Beans. Thanks a lot Dadi for the breakfast treat!

And finally, it’s time to ride back to home in a hot striking sun. A well spent holiday for healthy exercise and buddy time!


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