Ngabuburit Tour de Masjid

Top: Masjid Andi Ghalib, our usual place for Ied Prayer, Bottom: Masjid Al-Falah, my Friday prayer and tarawih mosque while I’m here

Today I “ngabuburit” (spend time before ifhtar) by cycling near my parents-in-law house at Bambu Apus, Cipayung. While I had no particular route in mind, I had an idea to take pictures with every Masjid I found along the way.

Gosh, we have so many of them! Up to the point, I skipped some of them, but still found plenty! We’re really blessed with these baitullah around.

Too bad my Strava accidentally stopped tracking. I actually rode probably 10 kms in distance.

Anyway, good exercise after so many weeks of absence. And made my ifhtar feels far more rewarding. Alhamdulillah!

Masjid Nurul Hikmah
Masjid Jami Al-Barokah
Masjid Jami Al-Hidayah
Masjid Jami Nurul Ikhlas
My two rides ❤️❤️

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