Recreating Sibling Wefie After 25 Years


You might see this repro picture at the top: children of Kresnadi Koesoemo and Sri Mulyani, which we took in Semarang, shortly after Mama left us to join Papa in heaven. This might be our first picture together after that difficult period.

I posted the repro picture few weeks ago in Facebook, which many of our friends and families were touched, and gave us encouraging likes and comments.

That gave us the idea to recreate the picture.

So here we are, reunited at Mas Oyi’s house, recreate the picture we took 25 years ago. We might look significantly older, but definitely in much better state than we were, and in an equally strong bond of love, if not stronger.

The legacy of love from our parents bound us together through trial and tribulations. Although we’re fundamentally different in many ways, we’re inseparable. Inshaa Allah through death do us part.

Love you, Mas, Mbak, Adek. Till death do us part ❤️🙏


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