Straight Outta Campden

Picturesque Chipping Campden in frame

I won’t regret pushing myself to wake up this morning.

Even though it’s chilly. Even though I was so tired because of restless days since I arrived in UK. And even though I had to unload and unfold my bike from garage.

Climbed the hill to take picture with this town sign. Tough climb, but it’s all worth it

The morning was glorious. The sun was shining. The small little town Chipping Campden sparked its charm. Beautiful sceneries all the way, albeit the roads were a bit hilly for my liking. The historic market town, with buildings from manor stones, invited you to stop and take pictures.

In Chipping Campden’a town centre, with War Memorial at the back

No wonder I only rode 11 kms and clocked average speed of 10 kph for 2 hours ride.

It’s just too good to be missed. So much better than stay in bed.


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