Joker Post Credit Thoughts

**Note: no spoilers. Well ok, it’s a small one. You guys know Joker is bad person, right?**

  1. Joaquin Phoenix portrayed the best Joker since the late Heath Ledger. I can’t decide which one is better though. Not yet at least, as I’m very impressed of what I saw just now. Give the man The Oscar now.
  2. DC should stick to create dark, thought provoking, and cinematic movies. Let Marvel entertain us with humors. The only thing DC ever try to produce laughter is through Joker’s medical condition.
  3. Besides Joaquin’s acting, one thing I like most of this movie is the building up of Joker’s character. As a mentally ill person, as mischievous mob leader, and as witty villain. With the villain this good, I hope the next Batman will be up to scratch. No pressure, Robert Pattinson.
  4. Finally: yes it’s dark. It might make you feel sad for the guy named Arthur. But I think it’s too much to suggest the movie might be harmful for your mental health. I saw many more movies with violent scenes (The Raid, for example). As Joker said in another movie: “Don’t be too serious” ☺️

VERDICT: 9/10. Highly recommended. Go watch them now. And yes, don’t bring the kids. Unless you want to make ‘Arthur’ out of your little ones. Seriously.

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