Bustling and Vibrant Penang Street Food

The trip buddy with Penang vibrant street

We spend long weekend in Penang. With our usual trip buddies who loves to celebrate life through eating.

Penang seems to be great place for that.

We walk around our hote neighborhood in George Town, Penang, and find the streets are lit with food street sellers.

It’s vibrant and bustling with variety of foods, drinks and fruits. I was trigger happy to take pictures of these uncles and aunties selling through their traditional food stalls. Here are some of them:

Halal fried rice seller
Kwee tiaw seller
Popular fish and meat on stick
Poh Piah and Rojak
Fancy dish washing corner
The old citizens play century-aged game
Mee and beehon looks tasty, unfortunately it’s not halal

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Prior... says:

    Looks like awesome food and great people – love the last two photos – the chess game especially – and also the steam in that cooking shot

    1. ibenimages says:

      Hi there. Thanks for the compliments. Yes love those two pics. To be honest could’ve shot a lot more and much better pics – the scene was very photogenic

      1. Prior... says:

        You grabbed some great shots – just wish I could sample some of those skewers 🙂

      2. ibenimages says:

        Haha thanks. Same here bro. It’s not halal so I can’t try LOL

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