Manchester United Fans Throughout the Jerseys!

The pic of myself and some collection of my Manchester United jerseys. Including the latest infamous zebra jersey ☺️

“I always felt football is like religion You don’t change your clubs. But sometimes you are not in love with your team”⁣l

Jose Mourinho – The Playbook, A Coach’s Rules for Life⁣

That’s exactly what I, and perhaps millions other Manchester United’s fans are feeling at the moment.

The start of this season was disappointing, to say the least. We missed our primary transfer targets in the summer. We repeated losing to Crystal Palace at Old Trafford on our first game. We scrapped a lucky win against Brighton. And we were slaughtered by Spurs. Our hopes (and love) are ebbing away.⁣

But then after international break, we play with intensity and clear game plan. Won two away games in the row, Newcastle and most recently, the star-studded PSG.⁣

We feel the hope and love back. ⁣

Although we know, it only needs one or two bad games to make our feeling towards our club changed. ⁣

But as Jose said, real fans don’t change club. We keep on supporting the same club. No matter how bad our season is. GGMU.⁣

About the Photo and the Jerseys

Here I posed at top of my house’a rooftop with the help of my Pelican DJI Mavic Pro drone flying stationary to take number of shots, which I put in one picture using Photoshop.

I wore some of my Manchester United jerseys through all the years. You can see the famous 2008/2009 jersey, the last time we won Champions League with AIG sponsor. Also the blue, third jersey with “20 Champions” at the back commemorating our record Premier League win.

And of course, at front and center, the new, infamous “zebra” jersey, which divide the fans.

Do you hate or love it? I hated it at first, but grow up loving it.


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