Gemblung Golfers (Almost) Year End Golf

It’s almost year end. My golf buddies group, Gemblung Golfers, usually will have a year-end golf as an annual ritual. So we came up with the idea to play a round of golf at Suvarna golf course in this long weekend.

Unfortunately due to Covid, some of us are no longer a frequent visitor to the golf course. So they can’t join us today, saying not prepared enough.

Well, actually that’s my case as well.

Although I’m still “regularly” playing golf. But regular here means “once a month” rather than “once a week”, as I usually did before. The lockdown during early season of pandemic forced me to shift to other sports: running and cycling. Which I increasingly become fond of.

But golf is such a strange game. Despite my lack of playing, I had my best ball-striking day for this year, I think. All of my tee off landed in fairway. And my Iron shots scored many GIRs.

Alas the course we’re playing, Suvarna, has one of toughest greens in the city. The slopes are quite severe at many areas of the green, and with the green speed of 10, it was enough to push me for three-putts. Ouch.

Great day at great course

But I’m generally pleased with how I played. Especially playing with these great buddies of mine, whom I have played golf for almost 20 years.

So great day out at golf course. Hopefully we can have a merrier year end golf before the year end!


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