Christmas Dinner with My Sister Family

Christmas Dinner with my sister’s family at Mang Engking, Bekasi

Some of you may know, that we’re a mixed religion family. We’re four brothers and sisters from a moslem father and christian mom. The boys follow our father’s religion as moslem, while the girls become a devoted christian.

When we grew up, each of us married to the person with the same religion. So we don’t continue our mixed religion heritage.

Although I can honestly tell you, it’s not because we had bad childhood, or raised in conflicting values by our parents. Not at all.

We enjoyed growing up together. Loving each other. And I remember I had no problem dropping off my sister to her Sunday school at church. The same worked for my Mom who sometimes helped my father’s community affairs at the mosque. We took turns on who prayed during dinner, each with our own custom. And yes, we had two great celebrations each year on Eid and Christmas.

In short, we’re a loving family and grow up appreciating each other differences.

In this Christmas day, my sister invited us to have Christmas dinner at one of restaurant in Bekasi. I’m the only sibbling who is around, as my older brother already left for holiday, while my little sister stucked in Kuala Lumpur and couldn’t fly home for Christmas.

So it’s not as “merry” as usual, given Covid situation. But we’re still feel blessed to share this special day with my sister’s family.

Merry Christmas, Mbak Wik, Mas Barry, Fea and Ezra!

My sister’s family picture, the one I took

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