Exquisite Chilli Crab Dinner

Chilli Crab Dinner with whole Family

Last night’s dinner was exquisite. We’ve been longing for Chilli Crab, and we got one of the best ever.

It’s not only the Chilli Crab though. It’s the overall dishes, from starter to dessert.

Starter: We ordered two kind: Shelled Prawn Fried with Cereal, and Scallop Wrapped in Yam Ring,. The prawn is more successful than the scallop. The mixed sweet and salty of the cereal really goes along with the prawn.

Entree: Crab Salad with Basil leaf. This is superb. Not because it’s complimentary dish from the restaurant, but it is really really good.

I don’t know what they put inside aside of the basil leaf. The juicy crab meat is mixed with all of those (I assume some kind of veggies and onions), resulting a fresh, delicious salad. It’s very good to the extent I asked the waitress the name of the dish, as I couldn’t see it on the menu (thinking of ordering it next time). Too bad, he said it’s their starters rotation, and they don’t offer it on menu. “You should’ve told me, I could give you more” the waitress said. LOL.

Main Dish: Chilli Crab. Legendary dish which need no explanation. There’s choice of Mud Crab and Alaskan Crab, which cost almost 3x of the former. Of course we opted for the cheaper one. Still, it came in 1.8 kg, so it’s not ordinary crab you get from your pasar. LOL.

The Chilli Cran was served with Mantou bread. Which honestly, I am not a big fan. But the one last night was different. It was a bit crunchy on outside and very soft on the inside. It lends to the overall taste of the bread. When you dip it with the chilli crab sauce, it’s heavenly delight.

We also ordered fried rice with X.O. sauce. Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with the alcoholic drink or Cognac. It’s chinese traditional sauce/condiments which comes from dried scallop, dried shrimp, red chilli pepper and spices (yeah, I googled it). Whatever magic it brings, it does wonder. One of the best fried rice I’ve ever tasted. Period.

Dessert: Finally, the restaurant also provide complimentary desert. A cold chocolate pudding on top of crunchy cake. A fitting end to exquisite dinner.

As it’s Jumbo Signature restaurant, it might be a tad bit expensive. But it’s all worth it. The dishes, the service, the ambience, it’s all good. Especially as you dine with the whole family. It makes it perfect.

Me, the Chilli Crab and the other dishes

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