77 Independence Day Ride

Donned the red and white jersey for today’s ride

It’s been quite sometime since I rode with my road bike. I’m feeling the itch since start if the week. Although I’m still feeling a bit of pain in my right calf (due to post running incident last weekend), I managed to beat my sleepy eyes and lazy muscle to hit the road.

Went out at 05.30 am, I was wondering whether I would ride for 77 kms. Which represent the Indonesia’s years of independence.

Gave the photographer a cheeky greeting in Hotel Indonesia runabout

Finally I did. I rode 77 km today. Helped by being “romli” (rombongan liar) (i.e. join the strange peloton without permission 😬) in Dalkot Loop.

It was such a smart decision to wear the red-white Indonesia jersey, as I could easily disguise myself as member of peloton who mostly ride in similar dress code. Great way to save some watts 😊

It’s nothing short of miracle to take this pic without any vehicles passing at the back 🤣
The cycling route today
Two great pics from pro photographers of me during the ride

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