Breaking my 10K PB

Great picture taken by @Kakexsport

On Friday night, I was contemplating whether to go for a bike ride or to run. Apparently my bike tyre pump decided for me. It ceased to operate. So no ride due flat tyre.

So I went for run instead. I thought an easy 10K run along Sudirman Loop would be good. “Easy” means Zone 2-Zone 3 Heart Rate pace. As I didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

I took an MRT from Fatmawati and arrived in Senayan at 6.30 am.

Waiting for early MRT ride from Fatmawati

I started to run with easy pace. Focus on my cadence and breath. Took time to say hello to photographer in Ratu Plaza bridge above.

Started with easy pace. Photo credits: @photossport

Around Dukuh Atas, I took a peep at my Garmin watch. It was around 4 km on distance. And 5:57 pace. Honestly I was a bit suprised with my pace. As I thought I was not pushing so much. Perhaps my low HR run training start to reap benefits: I run faster with less effort.

Then I talk to myself: “If I can maintain this pace at halfway course, I’ll push to get my PB”

At Hotel Indonesia run about, I checked my Garmin again. 5:56. Faster. “Ok I’ll go for it”

The problem was after I made turn at Bundaran HI, the course is uphill. I had to push hard to maintain my cadence. On the incline, I consciously maintain the same cadence with stable breath taking technique. It worked. I managed to pass the climb without significant decrease of pace. Happy.

Then the rest was to consistently push to finish line. My Nike Alphafly Ekiden, while I believe contributed to my increased pace, also brought me new issues: blisters.

Although I’m feeling the pain, but the sight of breaking 10K PB pushed my legs to the limit.

And I was glad to find I did break my 10K PB. Only by couple of seconds. But considering my previous PB was achieved in GBK Loop, which is flat all the way, I’m quite happy for this achievement. Alhamdulillah!

The New PB 10K run

Now what? HM under 2 hours? 🤭


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