Reunited After 20 Years for World Cup Match

So 20 years ago, these bunch of folks used to gather in Perdatam area, watching football while eating Martabak AA and drinking Coke.

So for good old time sake, four of us reunited at my house with those lovely (but terribly unhealthy) food, while watching World Cup Match: England vs Panama.

Here Rudi and Ubai, my good old friends, coming to my house, bringing Martabak AA and its perfect companion, Coca Cola

And such a perfect night we have, as England rolled on to win the match 6-1.

Go England!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Alea Family Ifhtar

In probably the last ifhtar gathering in Ramadhan this year, Alea family meet up for our annual fasting break at our swimming pool area. Alhamdulillah, the annual ritual continues!

BukBer: Buka Berdelapan

Haha, yes, only eight of us for this year’s BukBer FE UGM 92. It’s probably because most of us have had our annual Buka Bersama in Jogja last Saturday, hence we had the lowest attendance of participants this year! But annual tradition has to continue. And nevertheless, seeing and meeting old friends are still fun!

Wherever You Go, SIF Family Would Be There For You

Well, that’s kinda true if you’re traveling within South East Asia region. As Singapore International Foundation (SIF) Alumni, you’re almost sure that your SIF fellows would welcome and meet you for passionate catch up at their hometown.

Soong, our fellow from Thailand sent us a last minute message yesterday, asking if we could join him for a drink, as he has short business trip to Jakarta.

Well, given the last minute request, most of us already had prior commitments. But of course, as a family would do, you make time.

So as soon as we finished our commitments, we rushed to Grand Indonesia meeting our friend, who I have not met for almost 20 years.

As usual, it was great catch up, as if there was no time lost between us. Thanks for coming to Jakarta, Soong. Next time bring your wife, and stay longer!

Night Golf Promo at Senayan National

When I first heard that Senayan National Golf would be opening night golf session, I was immediately interested to try. The idea of playing golf after working hours, and not in precious, and often-disputed weekend time is definitely a good one.

Especially they announced of the promo rate for the first month of operation. IDR600k for 18 holes with cart for weekdays sounds like good value.

So here we go, last night, along with my two ex office mates, Richard and Edy, we tried our first night golf in Senayan National.

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Alea Wedding Party Team

Only after two days, I return to Raffles Hote ballroom. This time to attend wedding party for one of our neighbors (Pak Herry and Bu Tanti) son, Gama. Alea Townhouse team rented a big van and come together as a group. Grand wedding, and great fun.

Ex Andersen Meet Up with Armand

Our old Philippines friend Armand is in town. The guy who lured me to Apple product, one of the best multimedia designer I’ve ever worked with, is back in Jakarta for short trip. Couple of ex Andersen guys meet up with him in Pacific Place for mini reunion. We had great fun, of course. Great to see you again, pare!

Huge Reminder for My Birthday

Karena sekarang ulang tahun saya selalu jatuh di hari libur (Hari Buruh Internasional), jadi saya sudah nggak bisa lagi dikasih surprise dari temen kantor di hari ulang tahun.

Well, not too fast.

Kemarin pagi, seorang tetangga kompleks mengirimkan pesan selamat ulang tahun ke WA Group kompleks, dengan foto rangkaian bunga papan besar nangkring di depan rumah.

Hahaha beberapa teman di kantor (you know who you are folks) ternyata mengirimkan bunga selamat ulang tahun ke rumah. Karena saya masih di Bali, ya baru tahu karena WA tetangga tersebut. Rafif juga ikut kirim message di Line: “Pah, we have a HUGE reminder that it’s your birthday. It’s kind of embarrassing”. LOL. 😅

Terima kasih teman-teman atas ucapan dan hiburannya yang kreatif! Love you all!