Jokowi Visit Our Office On April 1st

Top Left: My CEO, Sumit Dutta, who happily become my umbrella man during the tour of office, Top Right: ‘Jokowi’ and Global Markets Team, Bottom: Jokowi and the entourage visiting RBWM floor
Unexpectedly, His Excellency, President of RI, Jokowi, visited our office yesterday to see our preparation for integration. 

Alas, this only happened on 1st or April, or as what we known for ‘April Fools Day’ 🙂

My CEO came up with this idea, called me early in the morning and asked me to be “Jokowi Kw1”, and toured the office with him. With announcement coming from CEO and Country Communications, some staff really thought it was real. 

Until they saw me. Yeah, our bank’s version of Jokowi. Haha. Hey, at least he also brought bike and asked that “Sebutkan Nama Ikan” quiz! 

‘Jokowi’ and his entourage (aka Country Management Team) 🙂
Entering the room with the entourage, and of course the bicycle 🙂

Joking aside, it was great to see many people worked during the weekends preparing for the integration that hopefully will happen this month. The staff seemed happy and willingly took photo of us, despite knowing it’s not the real Mr. Jokowi who came to the office, but at least the country Management Team were there to appreciate and lift up their spirits during this very busy period.

Here are some other pictures from the day:

With Network & Distribution Team
With SFR Team
With HOST Team
Greeted by Trade and HSS Team
With HR Team
With RBWM Sales Team
At Risk Command Centre
With Collection Team
At Premier Branch WTC
With PMO Team
With IT Team


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