Welcoming Sheila Family as Jakarta Residents!

Sheila, our old time friend from SIF years in Singapore, move to Jakarta with her family. Her husband, Ed, is assigned to Jakarta, so we have lunch with the entire family to welcome them to our lovely (yet random) city. Welcome to Jakarta! Hope you enjoy your new life here. Don’t worry, you have us,…

Manila SIF 96 Reunion

The beautiful thing to be part of Singapore International Foundation (SIF) Asean Visiting Fellowship alumni is wherever you go around ASEAN, you’ll be sure you have brothers and sisters there, greeting and taking care of you in their country. Here I had great evening out with my Pinoys fellows: Poch, Armand, Jon and Renee. We…

Planning for SIF Asean Visiting Student Fellowship 96 Second Reunion

The picture above was taken when we, Singapore International Foundation Asean Visiting Student Fellowship Batch 96 (let’s just call ‘SIF 96’), had our first reunion in Singapore. That was a blast, meeting 14 fellows from Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand and Malaysia who we spent memorable time together in Singapore back in 1996. During that reunion, we agreed…

Meeting Heng Peng

One of my SIF Fellows from Malaysia, Lee Heng Peng, visit Jakarta from Beijing for business. So me, Rey and Jenny (Rey’s wife) catch up with him over dinner and drinks in Loewy. Great time with great friends.

‘Bukber’ SIF Alumni

Well, the first of many ‘buka bersama’ (fasting break) has started. This one is for the alumni of Singapore International Foundation (SIF) Asean Visiting Student Fellowship Program. During the dinner, we discussed about our charity foundation and also some fund-raising activities, including the book project which I took part as contributor.