SIF 96 Fellows Virtual Reunion

Our Virtual Reunion and Yours Truly as Host ☺️

The last time we had reunion was in 2010, when we all back to our lovely campus in NTU and NUS, and visited our memorable places in Singapore.

Last year we determined to repeat the reunion in 2020. But COVID-19 has another plan.

So while we’re locked down in our respective homes, 11 SIF 96 fellows met in virtual reunion. All countries are represented by at least one fellow: 4 Indonesians, 3 Phillipines, 2 Malaysians, 1 Thais and 1 Singaporean.

The 1.5 hours was well spent. Full of laughter as we normally do when we meet each other, where ever it is. Also with exchange of information and situation on how each country react to this unprecedented crisis. It was fun and enlightening.

It’s great to catch up with everyone. Let’s do this again sometime in near future with more fellows. Stay safe and healthy folks!


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